Dictionary.com App recensioner

Five stars

Five stars

Extremely useful ap

The ap is always helpful, whether as a dictionary or a thesaurus.


Deleting this app because of the ads. Think I’ll just stick to google.

Wine names aren’t “words”??

Doesn’t recognize Malbec. Had to go to Oxford. Terrible.

Broken for years

Literally crashes before I can get a definition. Unusable get a different app.

Too many ads

Ads are obtrusive. Look that one up.

No longer usable

Money-grubbing executives have ruined a perfectly good app. If you want to look up a word and then have your screen highjacked by an ad you can’t close, this is the app for you! Everyone else should just search on line and not use Dictionary.com. What a joke.

Too many ads

Can’t look up any words without having to deal with an ad every 3 seconds. I’d pay for an ad free version but they don’t have one.

Good but annoying

While I appreciate the app, I dislike the pop-ups that want me to pay for an upgrade, and I dislike the pop-ups for some gaming program.



Use this every day

I love this app & have become dependent on it for writing. Dictionary, Thesaurus and all the other tools it offers.

Overrun with (pop-up) ads

I purchased two in-app add-ons in the past: one that supposedly removed ads and another that unlocks sentence usage. And yet, the amount of ads have not only increased, but have grown irritatingly in-your-face. They pop up as videos and you have to swipe a few times to get back to the page... Time to find a new dictionary app.

Annoying ads, don’t bother downloading.

I get a pop up every time I open it! I already paid for no ads and the deal when I bought it was it could be downloaded for when there’s no internet connection. Now you want me to pay extra to download it? Greedy jerks.


Ridiculous amount of ads popping up WITH SOUNDS. I’m sitting in a quiet library using this app and without warning, cliche slot machine sounds start blasting. How does dictionary relate to casinos anyways? And the “x” button to exit these ads are non consistent, am I looking up words or am I playing a game to find the x, where losing the game means clicking on the ad and transporting to some stupid pages for downloading the game? Such a disappointment, waste of time and unnecessary annoyance.

I would have given them a five star review five years ago.

A quarter of a score and some odd months ago, I discovered Dictionary dot com. They seemed pretty cool: word of the day, free online dictionary, fast speed, no unnecessary ads... then they created a game. Of course I wanted to try it, but I could not do more than a few free levels, so I just shrugged it off. After all, I still got to keep my relatively ad-free, free offline/online dictionary, right? Ha. Well then. I recently accidentally deleted this app, but immediately downloaded it to correct my mistake. Only to find that I could no longer access many of the features I had downloaded in the past because (spoiler) THEY WERE FREE BACK THEN. Amazing concept, yeah? But as my discontent started to bubble into something larger, I realized many of the flaws this app had while I had used it. Annoying pop up ads. Slow start up. App mysteriously crashing if I used it too much. The slow loading time it took to switch between the dictionary and thesaurus. For those of you contemplating downloading this app: save yourself some time and download Merriam-Webster. They have a free online dictionary with no annoying pop up ads. How do I know this? I downloaded it after deciding that Dictionary.com wasn't worth the hassle. (The only thing I will miss is the word of the day feature. Those will always be fun to read.)


I can’t believe a dictionary app would have random pop-up ads with loud music!!! So embarrassing in the classroom or in a meeting! Never use it again. Ever.

Politically motivated redefinitions

Skip this app and go straight to merriam Webster for unrevised and neutral definitions. I've noticed this throughout many dictionary apps. When defining certain ideological words they alter the definition to be more favorable, when defining other ideological terms they alter them to sound less favorable. Then they push words like "intersectionalsm" as the word of the day and visual word of the day and paint it in a light that presents it as truth when there is much debate about the merits and motivations of a word with such strong neo-marxist underpinnings. It appears there is an ideologically driven effort to change the definitions and meanings of words to attempt to circumvent the truth about their historical meanings and uses so as to bring the underlying ideologies into public favor and prevent dissidents of that same ideology from using the original definitions as a point of debate.

Easy, powerful

It’s had everything I’ve searched for do far, and I like the easily accessible pronunciation recording—love it!


I gave this a 3 star review because one there are a lot of unnecessary ads popping out every time u search up a word and two it really helps me with Homework. They give the best description and really help me understand what a word means . -Cløüd

Too many ads

I don’t understand why this app would have so many ads. You’re better off using google

Too many pop ups

Used to be a great app now constant annoying pop ups

It’s good

Works fine.

Bogged Down with Ads :(

I’ve been using this app for several years, and while its layout and content are good, it’s a minefield of ads these days...video ads that freeze the screen until you’ve watched them. They’re terrible and I find myself simply Googling the words for a quicker, less cluttered experience. Not recommended.

Excellent app

Super handy and useful to have.

I learn things everyday

I learn a new word everyday with the word of the day!


So helpful while studying textbooks and topics I’m not skilled in, and it’s easy to use!

Great App

I did purchase the app for $5.99 but I love it. No ads! I love offers the pronunciations of words, lots of sentences, and thesaurus. I use it every day!

One Star!!

I downloaded this app so I can have it next to me and quickly look up words when I run into a word in a book I don’t know so some times I’m looking up a bunch of words one right after the next so I don’t want to wait for ads! It’s absurd!! If I have already looked up a few words I’ll have to wait for an ad to play when I go to look up another word. IM READING! I don’t want to stop for an ad! UNDOWNLOADING! In words maybe you can understand: This Application is consummate filth.


These definitions make no sense. Don't define the words with the same word!!!


Only downfall is the incessant amount of ads.

A must if you love words!

I use dictionary.com and thesaurus.com all the time on my desktop. On my phone the app makes it super handy.


This app is fantastic for writing, it helps me understand the words I’m trying to convey within my articles and it also helps me expand my vocabulary to sound more knowledgeable. Fantastic!!!💗


This is a very useful tool for anyone who needs to quickly look up words. I do recommend it.

Great app

Love it. On the go. Later!

Easy & Precise

Handy & informative.

Great dictionary app

I could find every definition I needed and it had a very smooth system without much ads which is awesome

Love it

I love the word of the day and the video visuals


It’s a pretty nifty app if you’d like to broaden your vocabulary ☺️


Hate their new adds!


Just got the app for school and In the first minute got like 7 ads which is ridiculous, don’t get this all it is is a ad monster . Not worth it just google it

What happened?

I loved this app! I could listen to how a word was said which was great. Then, not only did it stop speaking, adds would come up over and over. I’ve deleted it. Wake up you guys, we don’t want your adds!


A wonderful dictionary and other treasures right at your fingertips!

Awesome app

Very helpful and easy to use!

Too many ads. Unlock for best experience

Excellent source for reference. Just pay the $6 to unlock ads and whatnot.

Dropped 4 stars for annoying ads with sound

I used to use this during lectures to quickly look up words. But now, every look-up comes with a free 5 second video ad with SOUND!!!!! And dirty looks from those around you are “free”. Hey, marketing folks: please factor in your customer too - - not just your sponsors. We are stake holders as well. When we leave - - - so too will your sponsors. Bye!!

Seriously Annoying

Ads, ads and more ads. I upgraded several times, thinking they would go away and to purchase more categories of words. WRONG! Very, very limited. Disappointed.

Handy tool

Between dictionary and thesaurus, I utilize this app frequently. So much easier than the days to pull out the two books!! 📚


I love it

Too Many Ads

You get an ad every time you look up a word. It’s become too much of an annoyance to use this app anymore

More ads than definitions

Type a word, get a full screen ad. Every freaking time. It’s like installing a virus on your phone.

Great app gone bad

Just ads. Ug, the free version was limited but sufficient. But a new version starting popping up crazy ads. Lots of stuff on pro if you want to fork over for it.

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