Dictionary.com App recensioner

Five stars

Five stars


I’ll opt for a dictionary that doesn’t literally call for the erasing of all country borders (no joke, it was in one of their recent “articles”) and other extreme left-wing ideas. You’re a dictionary, be neutral.

Love it I want to add it to my calendar

I love the app I just wannna add the word of the day to my calendar so my family can see em

App is great!

Love having a small dictionary in my pocket

It’s a bit buggy

Wherever there is supposed to be an apostrophe, a bunch of symbols and letters are in its place. Makes a dictionary app look bad. Frustrating to try and read.

Good dictionary!

This app is great but why do need to pay for other things for a better dictionary? Over all it is great! I wish you guys enjoy the dictionary too!

I like words

This app is a (mostly*) convenient tool for making sure I use words correctly. 4.5 star rating, rounded down. *Bothersome pop-ups

User friendly

Use it daily

Paid for the ads to go away and they didn’t

I’m downloading Merriam-Webster. Can’t believe I put up with this app as long as I have. I even paid to make those annoying ads that you’re required to watch go away. I wasted my money apparently, the ads still come. Done with it.

Biased, promoting Anti-Israel-Pro-Palestinian viewpoint

bi·ased ˈbīəst/ adjective unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something. "we will not tolerate this biased media coverage Example: Judea Judea or Ju·dae·a [joo-dee-uh] Word Origin See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com noun the S region of ancient Palestine: existed under Persian, Greek, and Roman rule; divided between Israel and Jordan in 1948; since 1967 completely occupied by Israel. It was Israel and Judea before a Roman Conquerer renamed it Palestine. Palestine is Greek word for Philistine.

Don’t upgrade!

I love having a dictionary at my fingertips and this is a pretty good one. I am rating it four stars because I upgraded to have the extra feature of having words used in a sentence and I never got access to it and there is no way to contact anyone.

I appropriate Ads

Ad asked, “What the f*** is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and other Army Lingo”

Handiest reference around

Even better than the word lookup supplied in ebooks!

Love it!

Fast, accurate in most cases.

Cancel App purchase

I want my $2.99 credited back to my account. I paid for example sentences and there aren’t any. I have tried everything within the App Dictionary and there is nothing. This is very misleading. I am trying to study for my class and I can’t even get what I paid for. I even tried to contact you guys and it will not even allow me to do that. It’s only been 15 minutes of me getting it and I am so disappointed with this App. I cant rate your App right now because I have nothin good to say because it has not given me what I paid for. Please refund my money Thanks


Been using the app for years. First only online; and then downloaded it as soon as it became available. Easy to use and switch between dictionary and thesaurus.

Purchased Example Sentences but not there!!

Where is my purchase of example sentence???

Requires connection to their website

If you're looking for a dictionary that might need to work remotely or off-line this is not the app you want.

So handy

Love this!! Easy to use, I love always having a dictionary at my fingertips!

Ads make app unacceptable

Very good product that has been corrupted by annoying and loud pop up ads that make app a 1 star. I was looking up word during board meeting when a loud ad rocked the meeting from my phone.

Just a senior citizen

I just love this app I use it on a daily basis if I see A word that I am not sure of and I love all the little added features that they have

This is a rip-off, instead Download Dictionary.com Pro

I downloaded this and saw on the add banner about Dictionary.com Pro and wanted to get the Pro version to get rid of the ads and be able to use offline. So I paid the $2.99. After downloaded and looking at “our other apps tab” turns out it still wasn’t the Pro version. It’s $3.99 for the Pro and I downloaded it. Turns out they are the same version and build number but totally two different apps on the desktop. Looking more closely the Pro is complete, no more in-app purchases. Then I look at the regular that I already paid $2.99 for and it has more “upgrades”. For $5.99 more you can get the bundle which guess what? Yes, after spending $2.99+ now $5.99 more you get the same thing as the complete $3.99 Pro Version. •BTW, I always thought Apple Support was wonderful in the past, but they weren’t any help on this because I had one issue in the past where I accidentally downloaded something I misunderstood (can’t remember what because it was about two years ago) and they did credit it. For a multi-billion dollar company that’s pretty bad good will over $2.99 for a longtime supporter. I will definitely think about my next Apple purchases... Yes I’ve always had the latest and greatest of their phones, computers, TVs, subscription services and other products. So this iPhone X 256GB may be the last of my longtime (20 years) affinity for Apple. Too bad over 2.99😟

Does what I expect a dictionary to do

Yes there are a lot of ads...and so it goes with free apps. However, it works well w/o glitching out and gives me definitions, which is the only expectation that I have for a dictionary.

Great app

The only thing I’m hoping for is the “word of the day” to function as an alert. Otherwise a great app!

Second review; they deleted the first

They couldn’t take me pointing out all of their typos and now I bet they can’t handle how I’m about to point out that their word of the day repeats: May 27 five times. Here’s the one word that sums up dictionary.com’s developers: INCOMPETENT. Like I suggested the first time: download Miriam-Webster.

A dictionary...

The definitions in this app (and on dictionary.com of course) are a complete joke. For example, if you were to look up the word “propel”, and the definition states: “the act of propelling”, how is someone who’s never heard the word before supposed to understand what it means when you include the same word in its definition! Come on now!

Truly a shame…

I have used this app for years and think the app itself is wonderful, along with the definitions and functionality. Before, I would have given five stars. However, I have noticed for a while that the app consistently posts articles with political undertones. Now it seems they aren’t even trying to be subtle about it. I use this type of app to learn and enhance my vocabulary, not to see political filth. I have since deleted the app. This is not the place for politics. I will be using another dictionary app.

Very helpful

I found this app to be quite helpful in writing papers for school. I often need synonyms to avoid repeating myself in essays and this app is great for that. It is easier to use than the website and is faster since you don't have to load new pages with every click


The word that won the Scripps spelling bee for 2018 is not even in your data base. I would not pay a dime for this app.

No way to reach app support

Just purchased Power Pack upgrade for $5.99. Having a problem but no way to reach app support. There is a link to app support but it just takes you to the About section. At the bottom of that page there is a link for About and Contact which also just takes you to the About page. Look up dictionary.com in Google all hits only take you to the About page. Apple needs to start fining developers that fail to provide an actual link to app support.

Older version runs fine on my IPhone 4.

Thanks to the dev team who keeps an compatible version for iPhone 4 users.

Forced Video Ads...Really!?

Absolutely ridiculous!! I understand you have to make your money also; however, I will not tolerate ANY forced ads like this. I couldn’t even look up one word, ONE, without being forced to watch your ridiculous ads. Absolutely deleted this app! Only took 20 seconds too! <sarcastic tone> Great job! </sarcastic tone>

No help with spelling

You must already know exact spelling to find a word. Why not populate a list of similar words for selection? Using Siri is better.

Pretty good for free.

I often find I have to resort to a general web search for a meaning because it is not in the dictionary— and I’m not usually reading technical or academic papers, just popular fiction and non-fiction. Also, when I click on the “learn more” option on the Word of the Day, the app opens slowly or crashes.

Awesome App

Minor issues, but best Free Dictionary App.

It was better when they gave a little more info.

I would delete the app if I did not find myself in places with no Wi-Fi. You can get more info about words from google, except when you cannot get online. So, this will have to do for those times.

Word Of The Day: Limits

The features are few and limited. One example is the inability to inactivate the “Word of the day” that pops up at random, even while sleeping. The setting only allow you to arrange the order of the categories. Other than that, all you get to do is look up words.

Flashing ad?

Give me a break. Is nothing sacred. All I want to do is look up a word. I like the Word if the Day, but I can live w/o it if you’re going to flash ads at me. Why do you guys keep adding “features” and forget your mission. Be a dictionary for God’s sake, not a newspaper advertising insert. So long.

Add some tings

Top notch app we got here, one suggestion though ... put the words into sentences as well as quotes that would be great.

Best App

The is by far the best app when needing something quick and easy to look up.

app is gimmick to generate revenue

use the mobile browser version to access features the app requires you to pay for.

Ads ruin it

I can’t even click out of the ads to use it.

Great tool for readers!

This app works well on my iPad, but works even better on my iPhone X. Very handy when I’m reading the Wall Street Journal or a Steven Saylor novel.


We can’t even have a Dictionary app without political insults laden with intolerance and immature drivel. I guess you don’t want half the county’s potential customers.

What more would you want

It’s a digital dictionary, provides pronunciation, ....

Great app.

Great app.


This app does the job! I don’t understand why this app feels the need to educate via tweeter blurbs! There should be a focus on proper spelling which is most often ignored be tweets, messages and other similar forms of communication. Ebonics usage and abbreviations are predominantly used! I’m tired of media that should be neutral choosing some type of political position! Let’s face it, there are great numbers of tweeters that wouldn’t use or know how to use a dictionary anyway!!

More $$ are u joking

Now that I have a new phone You want to charge me again For off line dictionary Are you serious

Getting worse ...

Way too many Ads.. too many videos... It’s free so one thumb on each hand gives you two stars.

Great app

Lots of cool features

I Have Met The Fool And He Is I

I could research the definition of fool but even I know exactly what the word means. I have always prided myself on not being a sucker, like buying ridiculous or frivolous apps when I didn’t really need them. On the other hand, I can also be a fool by not acquiring a program where it is exactly what I need to solve a significant objective. I like to write, something my discursiveness clearly exhibits. But I have found, yet not perfected, literary economy. I have also found that a personal enemy, my most hated, is the mere appearance of redundant grammar. To me it indicates a lack of originality/creativity. This application, with its affiliated supporting software, provides me with the ability to defeat my despised foe. But to limit myself, or the reader, to a solitary basis for purchasing the complete application is idiocy. This computer aid can bolster an innate interest and ability to express oneself by penning thoughts in a much more professional manner. If one believes they are limited in their expression by their education or native intelligence all I can suggest is you have never found your own personal “cheat.” I do not use this term with its inherent negativity, I am advising those individuals to advantage themselves with tools that elevate their ability. I am not suggesting this software is a panacea however I am saying, for me at least, it works and well. If anyone likes to write, where others have commented on the quality of a piece you have written and these observations are inspirational, therein lies the seed which evidences ability. There are all too many of us who never see or feel that spark. If one has and it lies here, foster its growth with the dedication you possess to raise your greatest asset, in my particular situation and orientation, our children. Don’t cut corners where they merely serve to save you a little effort. This work aided by substantive implements is the investment. It is suggested that in almost every case the personal devotion is where the payoff is found and forever treasured

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