Dictionary.com App recensioner

Five stars

Five stars

Purchased paid version, app just reverted

I purchased the paid version and several other add-ons, but this app just reverted to a low-res free version. Yuck. Money wasted, I guess.

Wrong Priorities

Super quick to load ads. Then wait an eternity for the definition you came for, if it actually loads.

Unwanted Loud Videos!

Used to love this app and use regularly. Now it plays loud videos full volume at unexpected moments. Not a fan!! Deleted. =(

Great if not for obnoxious ads.

I understand ads are a necessary evil, but these are especially irritating. Full page with sound and no visible X to get rid of it. I love the app and have used it for a long time, but deleted it because of the ads.

I love this app

I use this app all the time. Very handy.

Too many adds

I can’t complete a typing in a word without an add taking over the screen. It’s so obnoxious. The worst part the adds have sound and it doesn’t matter if your phone is on silent. The adds are so loud and overpowering, I am deleting this app because of it.

Dictionary App

I love this app. Finds everything I’ve asked it. I’m not the greatest speller, so it also helps me there too.


This is the best to help with spelling and homework, schoolwork.

Happy Camper

Love my Dictionary!!! Thank you, quick access and so helpful!!

very useful

very useful in giving examples & pronounce

Pesky Persistent Ads

This app will put you into a circle of ad hell so deep, you will find yourself climbing out of the ads just for 30 seconds at a time before another evil pop-up begins. I ended up deleting it off my phone for this frustrating inconvenience!

The Ads Are Obnoxious

I downloaded this app for all of 10mins and the ad videos literally appeared each time I clicked a link. You’ll have a better experience using Siri or the Google app. This is just a waste of storage space.

Very Helpful

Avoiding pitfalls this reference provides clear definitions.

Great App

I use this app quite a bit during the day. Especially when I run across a word I’m not familiar with or that I’ve never heard before. I like it’s simplicity. I love words, so sometimes just playing with words in the app is fun too!

Disruptive Full Screen video advertisements

I suggest instead you download the Oxford Dictionary of English. After months of denial, customer service finally admitted the reality of extremely disruptive full screen video advertisements, w audio, that blast between entering your word and reading the definition. No longer is even the smallest moment of learning uninterrupted by corporate avarice. This is philosophically vile and a practical nuisance.

Definition marijuana

What about the pleasure, relaxation, and medicinal purposes? Also, love the App. Use it all the time. Thanks.

Ads that won’t go away.

I would not recommend this app. I have purchased it at least twice and still cannot use it without constant interruption by ads. Even the off-line settings will not work. And the worst thing of all is it seems they have configured the ads to stay on the screen for a certain period of time; they will not go away even with repeated attempts to close them until a certain amount of time has elapsed. Go with Merriam Webster; it’s a much better product.

Not paying for ad free

The ads aren’t just ads that inconveniently pop up when you’re using the app —which I can deal with but if you’re trying to discreetly use the app, good luck because these ads have audio!

Loud disruptive ads

I am a graduate student who recently got an iPhone. I used the dictionary app (on android) all the time to look up words during class and to use the thesaurus. However, the ads that pop up play video with loud sounds, uncontrollably disrupting whatever is happening in my life at the moment, including class. Guess i need to find a new dictionary app. Sad because I’ve used this one for years.

Waste of money

Do not spend money on this useless awful app. Period. Refund please. Download Webster Dictionary.


Used to love this app, not you can't look up a word without an ad popping up. Also the ads play sounds even if your phone is on vibrate so got em I guess. Don't download.

Ads with sound make app unusable

I can no longer use the app at work or in a public place because pop-up ads come on at full volume even when the sound on my phone is off. I understand that the free version of the app has ads, but they should not be something that everybody within 40 feet of me can hear as I scramble to close the app.

The advertisements are awful.

I CANT USE THIS APP IN CLASSES/MEETINGS ANYMORE! The ads all have loud obnoxious music. Horrible idea of you guys to allow such adds on an app that should be helpful to those who need to quietly and quickly look up a word. There are just so many places where it’s not safe to use the app anymore. Forget about using this app in the library.


This dictionary has taught me so many new words - it’s helpful and perfectly user friendly - I highly recommend it to anyone

Barely does it’s job

Every word you enter, it gives you that word in another form as the definition. It sends you down a rabbit hole until you’re looking up the roots of the word because that’s faster than just typing up the actual word and getting a straightforward definition. Enter it into google and save yourself an hour.

Easy and Quick to Use!

I love how simple and fast I can look up words to know their specific meaning.

Great app!

I don’t usually do this, but this app has warranted a review. It’s simply splendid. It has a sleek design and the interface is minimalistic and helpful for building one’s vocabulary. The function which shows when and where a word was conceived was a pleasant surprise. Keep it up, dictionary.com 🍾


I love this app! I use it everyday:).

Great w/ draw

Excellent app Helpful Awful adds with basic Quite unfortunate one must download or buy full app to get get of the magnitude of adds Add sounds are a turn off majorly Learned alot from this app

Text doesn’t fit on screen

The text going to the right side of the page is cut off (on my iPhone 7)...

In-app purchases?

What is the difference between upgrading the free app with $5.99 and downloading the pro app for $2.99?

Ads are out of control

I’ve been using this app for years but today I deleted it because they wanted me to play a demo game just to look up a word on the Thesaurus! I mean really, just derail my train of thought for a stupid commercial. At first it was only a little now it’s just ridiculous. I’m done.

Auto play ads? Really?

Free apps have ads. That’s great! I get that, and I have no problem with it. But when you’re in a meeting and trying to use this app, and then an ad pops up that starts playing a video with the sound up automatically?? That can’t happen. I’ll find a new dictionary app.

Noisy ads!

It was bad enough when the ads started coming up every other search -- BUT NOW THEY FREAKING TALK. And they default to making noise even while my phone is ON SILENT! Complete, total, absolute, all-encompassing deal-breaker. I cannot figure out why companies think I'm going to buy their crap when they go out of their way to be obtrusive and annoying.

Very handy!!

Great addition to my daily life


This app is great!! I use it ALL the time in school, and I definitely recommend it to anybody who doesn’t want to use those old, boring dictionaries!


Big help

Always at hand

I am forever looking for alternate words to express myself. The thesaurus app is always ready to assist! Pop up ads are the only thing stopping a full 5 stats.

Awful Ad-filled Dictionary

Ads are too pervasive to make this app as useful as it could be. Save yourself some time and frustration and don’t download this app.

Obnoxious Ads Ruined This App

I purchased certain upgrades a few years ago on the assumption that the service I was receiving would not be materially downgraded. For years, I was not bombarded by constant un-skippable advertisements. Now I can hardly read half a definition before I'm x'ing out of another worthless ad, then desperately trying to close whatever pop-up I accidentally triggered. I want what I purchased. Honor the original deal, or give me a refund. This is the epitome of corporate greed, the classic what-are-you-going-to-do mentality. Would not buy again.

Very dependable reference tool

I use it all the time.


Ok, this is my second review. I’M SO TIRED OF THE ADS. “For my constipation—“ I hear before rushing to tap the x. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR CONSTIPATION I JUST WANT TO LOOK UP A FREAKING WORD. Also what’s with the double definitions my gosh. What is this app’s deal why do I still have it take contemptuous. Their definition is “showing or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful; disrespectful”. That first part... “showing or expressing contempt”... YOU DON’T SAY? What kind of idiot do you think I am? This app is very contemptuous.


It's great and so useful to learning english.

Time for an Update

I love this app, but a UI update is long overdue. Needs to fill the screen of an iPhone X, first of all, but could also use adjusting of the general user-face anyway. I’d give it 5 stars at that point. Developers may contact me for specific advice.

The ads are what stopped me from using this

It’s a great app, and I have been using it for years. However, they recently added ads that will randomly pop up durning use and it’s very annoying. This has discouraged me from using so I uninstalled this and started using a different app.

Great Tool

My kids use it all the time for words they don’t know. Better for them to research the answer just tell them.

Obnoxious ads

This app was great. But recently video ads have started playing all the time and the sound plays even though my phone is on silent, often at inappropriate times. I get that you need ads to make keep things running, but videos with unmuteable sound are too much. I’m just gonna use Google.

Great! But Features Ads and Politics

Great app for quick definitions and synonyms, but recent updates have made full screen ads difficult to close and redirect the user more often. Nowadays everyone has a political opinion to express and dictionary.com does that with each year with their Word of the Year. For that matter I am disappointed. It was a missed opportunity to not include "Bigly" in 2016 and once again in 2017. As the internet traffic around "Bigly" far outweighs that of "Xenphobia" or "Complicit". No need to fact check that! Otherwise dictionary.com should replace their current ads with campaign 2020 donation ads. So much for an apolitical education outlet.

Too many ads

They pop up all the time and block you when you look up a word.

An advertisement delivery app. Horrible.

Avoid & keep avoiding.

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