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Five stars

Five stars

Improvement to the app - please make it happen!

Useful app but lost some of the functionality it originally had. There is no back button, so using your favorites is a drag. Please make this better!! After reviewing a word from the list i want to go back to the list in a single step, not 3 or 4. Too many ads are a bit overbearing, we can all tolerate some, find the sweet spot.

Constantly paying...

Look, I love the dictionary, I love dictionary.com, but this app is a rip-off. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve paid for different features on this app, but I STILL get ads when trying to use it, and there’s always something ‘new’ to pay for. Maybe it’s just me, but some of these things I couldn’t sworn I’ve paid for already, but they don’t show up as so. STOP charging for every little feature on this app and set a one-time price already, and stop milking people for money!

Word of the day!

Word of the day push notifications are still not showing up on my iPhone even though the update said this was the focus.

Racist and Against Anyone Different

I’ve always enjoyed and found so much comfort in Dictionary.com. But, recently over the past few years they have abandoned their once laudable focus on words and proper English lexicon to ironically allow and encourage improper English grammar. Worse, they have become increasingly more edgy and now seek to appeal and align with shrill and hate filled, racist ideologies that seek to put down anyone different than them. See the latest article of their app: “The United States of Diversity: Slam Poetry.”

The ads have ruined it for me

I use this app everyday. Now I have to put my hand over the constant blinking advertisements in order to focus on what I’m searching for. I can’t use this app this way. It’s a bummer because I’ve purchased several add on’s, so I lose out. Please let me know if you ever get rid of the advertisements.


I’ve paid for this app once on an older phone and it literally never worked. It constantly crashed, you couldn’t even fully type the word out before it crashed. Endless updates, nothing worked. I stopped trying. I recently remembered that I had paid for the upgrade of this worthless app and decided to download it on my current phone and it’s prompting me to pay for the upgrade again.. with no option to restore purchases and no help from either companies.

such an incredible app!

I love how helpful this is! I also like how it aproveches to teach a new word every day.

Advance mind set

Getting new words help my mind develop to a different level I would recommend this to everyone I know who wishes to grow Thank you for having the option to explore

Ads are a buzzkill

I understand everyone has to make their money, but this is excessive. I’ve used this app for YEARS but this last time I got on it, I received a pop up ad every 4 or 5 clicks. Shows customer satisfaction isn’t worth more than the money these advertised companies are paying you.

Excessive forced ads and redundant definitions

Very annoying when you want to look up a word quickly and are forced to watch an ad before you can. Also definitions will frequently use the shorter version of the same word to define a term which is obviously unhelpful.


PLEASE BRING BACK WORD OF THE DAY NOTIFICATIONS! In one of the new updates, you removed the notification push of Word of the Day. Please bring this back. Otherwise, I usually forget about this app.

Used to be a great app

This used to be a great app, but now I see they’ve added video ads before you can use the app. Unfortunately I’m unable to click out of the ad to use the app, so it’s worthless. I’m on an iPhone 8. Please get this fixed. Better yet, removed the video ads. So annoying.


This app is ok it could be better. Like how there is so many in app purchases. This app needs to not have so many in app purchases!

Add ons should be a package deal

If you want basic definitions & a limited list of synonyms/antonyms this is your app. But there are add ons such as example sentences, rhyming dictionary, medical dictionary, etc. And you have to purchase each one separately. I think this is a total rip off. Sentences should be included. And the upgraded version should be a package deal, with extra add ons for things like the medical dictionary.


It’s ok because now you have to pay for stuff. When I last used it you didn’t have to so that’s sad.🙁

The video ads are a nightmare

If it weren’t for the inescapable and NOISY video ads, this would be a five-star app. Because of them I don’t dare look up a word on my phone in a meeting or a public place. I am done with this app until the noisy ads are removed.

Worst Experience

Can not restore my purchase and haven’t even used it.

Poor formatting - lack of HTML skill

One would think that a discipline that presents proper word use would know how to format syntax. However, check out the entry for “tautology,” a word of the day which they want to highlight. The developers do not know how to format punctuation so that it displays as quotation marks on a phone.

A mistake you frequently make

You are NOT supposed to use the word you are looking up in the definition. You do it ALL THE TIME !

Paid version is flawed

I really liked this app and therefore was happy to pay for it so I could have access to dictionary and thesaurus at all times. However I noticed that even with paid version, the app will still try to query the server first instead of directly serving from the downloaded data. This is especially problematic when I’m in an area with bad connection, and I have to resort to turning on airplane mode just to ensure the app doesn’t try to connect to the internet. Would be grateful if the devs can fix this problem.

Love it!

I love this app and I use it all the time! I did pay a couple dollars to remove the ads and also upgrade it so I could access everything but that was definitely worth it to me. I’m trying to improve my vocabulary and there is a “word of the day” where a random word is chosen for you to learn each day. This has really helped me and I use it daily! I highly recommend this app and if you like it, I also recommend that you spend the couple dollars to upgrade everything! Hope this was helpful to everyone!


I upgraded this app dictionary one time fow mounts ago and used to always use it, when I changed my iPhone, I downloaded it to my phone but I should upgrade it again. This is awful and not fair 👎🏻

Not good for quiet places

The video ads are super inconvenient and somewhat embarrassing when I need to look up a word while I’m reading in a library.

Fascism...YOU state it’s a “right wing” thing.

How dare you!!! The actual definition of fascism would TOTALLY describe the left wing behavior. Just describe the term, without prejudice, and people could only view it as a left wing description. Shame on you!

Word of Day not updating

Word of the Day is not updating. When open app word of the day is from Aug.21


I have always saved to page to favorites in the bookmarks. Now I got the app. I foresee very little to no trouble from the app. Now having to put up with people and me having the rarer type of T.B.I. And having to put up with yards switching things around because of things they do not understand and more than a couple of them trying to run off with medical malpractice money. And other people thinking I blaming them.

Word of the day

Need to have a new word of the day everyday. Hasn’t been a new one for awhile. I like to learn new words.

Won't update

Why is it stuck on Aug 21 word of the day it won't update

Word of the day hasn’t updated since 8/21

No way to refresh app

Ditto nary

App gets stuck all the time. Has been unable to get any new words a day as the App has been stuck and not working for a week. This is not the first time this App has gotten stuck! This App continues to have this problem and will not refresher when touching the target in this App to do this! Tells me new word of day is here in App but App does not show new word only "Refresh" is there and it does not work! This App continues to be glitchy as the word of day will work sometimes and other times not. I wonder if it is because I will not buy there upgrade?????????

Zero stars. Terrible and useless app.

Non existent settings, constant immaterial dialogues. Ridiculous.

Inescapable ads!

Ads are now horrible! You’re forced to watch/view them. Can’t get out of the video ads until a certain number of seconds has passed. Non-video ads pop up in the middle of typing a word. I would’ve deleted this app along time ago if I could’ve found a better one… But it’s getting to the point where I don’t even care if I find a better one. It’ll be gone soon if the ridiculous ads don’t cease.


The only reason why a person gives up is because he or she had a word they did not understand. Your app SHOULD have the setting to turn OFF the “Word of the Day.” Please address this quickly.


Always used this app now won’t any longer since you have decided to start race baiting!!

Deleted for going SJW

When a dictionary goes full SJW it’s time to delete it. Get woke go broke and I hope they disappear.

Let’s all solve the problem

Buy an actual book. A dictionary. With No ads. No updates It’s pretty simple !

Sadly Slanted

Have used this app for years and have recently started to notice a distinct slant in their definitions. I’ve also found their words of the day to include words that I would call politically biased or motivated urban words. Sadly disappointed. Y’all could surely do better, rise above!

HORRIBLE Customer Support Team

I had an issue regarding an upgrade purchase that I had made a while ago and was suddenly not available for re-download. I contacted the support team and provided details regarding my previous purchase and problem and they have yet to respond with further inquiry, answers, or remedy, of any sort. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks without any sort of follow-up on their side. I will not recommend them to anyone, anymore, and I will keep this negative review up until they rectify this issue.

There’s no synonyms

It is not true that there are plenty of synonyms on this app. There are not synonyms. It is not easy to use this app because when you scroll down or up the screen, it slides down and up itself more than you did. This app is Not recommended.

Why? What happened?

I love learning new words I use this a lot. I bought the upgrade for more sentences because I wanted more examples for a word I had problems using correctly. I got it as a freshman in high school (I had money to spare). But now I don’t have it? So I pay for something and now I don’t own it? Just use the app normally. As a bibliophile look on google if this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity or need for confirmation. I payed for this hard worked cash. For. Nothing. Only use this app for more direct basic definitions google for more.

Advertising glut!

Give us a pay option to bypass the ads - please!



Favorite words

My only suggestion that there should be an option with the starred/favorited words to be used in a flashcard game. But it should be a free feature.. this app charges too much money for “added features” that I can get on other free apps.

Dictionary duckstupid

Have to buy so many in app purchases just to get basic info other apps have

Like a bad BF

His app often quits on me. I use it offline and even the simplest of words (I've tested it) will come up as a blank page saying "additional content". You're app is like a bad boyfriend; there's a lot of things I like about him, but he just isn't there when I need him most.

Politics of rhe left

Pretty good till you got political and showed your bias against President Trump in example sentences. Goodbye. Deleting you and finding more reputable app.

No credibility.

You lost all credibility when you include “personal identity” in the definition of gender.


It keeps crashing. Does that happen to anyone else or am I just special? Edit: Problem fixed


Love the app. I love that you can hear the word also so you know that you are saying it right. Am thinking about upgrading the app. Just don’t like the ads. And pop-up’s.

Ripped off

Paid for upgrade, worked good with it, then suddenly upgrade disappeared. And I refuse to pay a second time.

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