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Five stars

Five stars

New Update

I love the sleek new look of the new update. When I opened it, I was really excited to use it, however, now I’m bombarded with ads. I understand this is a free app and ads are a necessary evil—but 3 ads popped up after using it for less than a minute. That’s super annoying. Thinking of just looking up a word on Google search to avoid all the ads the new update has.

Word of the day…

Word of the day does not change I keep getting the same word over and over again

Great Tool. One feature request

I love this app and it's my go-to dictionary. I even bought the pro version. I have one feature request that I'm sure other users will also appreciate. Allow users to create flashcards of the words in their favorite. This will make your app the ultimate educational tool.

Too many ads

I used to love this app, and I used it all the time. Now you can’t look up one word without having to watch a video ad that automatically starts playing with sound. It’s awful so I’ll just be using google now. Pretty sure I paid money for this app too. Very sad.

Ads are disruptive and don't close

I used to love this app but the ads that pop up mid-search are a new feature that is not only annoying but frustratingly difficult to escape. An "x" in the corner does exist and implies a means of escape but hasn't worked for me once, and I've tried many times. There is also no timer on the ad so I leave the app all together, the only way it seems actually possible to be rid of the ad. IMO, this is not behavior to reward with a $4 subscription for the Pro version.


It gives you a few meanings of words (if available). I love it

Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads!!!

I have purchased this app and upgrades at least twice but I’m still plagued with ads, and it seems to be getting worse. It’s irritating. I start looking at some definitions and ads pop up over and over. Enough already.

Ads pervade and lost etymology

Latest update has removed etymology from definitions: not hidden under a tab "origins". This app spends more time and screen area pushing ads and other junk at you, obscuring its purpose as a dictionary. Of course, the web version is also cluttered with ads making it unwelcoming. Finally, too much reliance on American dialect, not true English.

Love it

The app is very helpful


Hello everyone... I purchased this app during college and still us it today. I still find myself inserting different words into my vocabulary each day or week. Plus it has the words of the day which are very interesting. I have challenge my students to download this app and make it useful in the vocabulary as well as her life.

Used to like it

This used to be my go to app for dictionary but now every time you look up a word you are subjected to a stupid advertisement. Deleted the app and I'll never use it again. I suggest you look elsewhere.


Having used & been quite satisfied w/this app since it first came out I was unprepared for the egregious error I saw this morning when checking on the definition/word usage for “retribution.” Seeing the word, “deserts” vs. “desserts” in the definition/explanation of the word usage for “retribution” stopped me cold! I hope “Dictionary” will make the necessary correction(s) to this entry (& any other(s) that may be necessary) & in the future check & double-check, & if necessary, triple check the entries in this invaluable tool that so many people depend upon.

You cheapened Dictionary with ads

I loved this app but the full screen ads you recently added have got to go. In the mean time I will. Goodbye Dictionary. I will find a replacement.

Adore this app...

It's so handy.I love that I can switch between dictionary to thesaurus. It would've been annoying to switch between two large books when I can just tap my screen. My generation has got it goooood

Quick and easy and always accessible

Quick and easy and always accessible


Good stuff


I love this app . but every time i update the app my purchases is gone.the first time I upgraded it to no ad and when I updated it to a new one my purchase with no add is no longer there .i didn't not complain about it. Couple of month ago I bought the example sentences and the grammar, now that I updated it again to these latest version my purchase are gone.i am so disappointed and upset right now I feel cheated. So my advise to those who want to update if you bought anything from this up don't update and if you plan to buy anything , don't buy

Great...but missing something.

I love you guys, but I have a request. Would it be okay if you guys added an ASL portion? Maybe have someone sign a word or a sentence where available?

Great reference tool!

This app is a great reference tool for answering questions of spelling, meaning, learning more about our language, and for building ones vocabulary. I especially enjoy the word of the day feature and the etymology references.

Love it!

I'm a "word-o" and truly enjoy having access to the dictionary at a moment's notice!

Love it

Love it helps with papers


I really do love the app and I love how they send you the words of the day to help you broaden your vocabulary

Great App

Every time I have doubt on a word this app is at hand. Erh useful.

The best app ever

This is a great app now I can do my homework and find the definition so I now what the homework means I don’t now what I would do with out it.Because of this I am getting good grades in school you are the best app ever😍😍😍😄😄😂😂🤑🤑😎😎📝🔐📕📚📙

Bad design

The animation makes it hard to use. The designers should stop thinking about coolness and start thinking about the function of the app. People are actually trying to use this to get definitions, not watch pieces of the UI slide around.

Ads play sound when iPhone is set to vibrate

I used to like this app, but today an ad in this app took over the whole screen and played sound, even though my sound settings are off. Also, the app version doesn’t include all the words that are in the online web version. Bad form Dictionary.com. I know you can do better.

Unprofessional, unscholarly

A dictionary is supposed to be a guide and reference for scholarly and academic purposes. It’s frustrating to be in a library, (with your device on silent) looking up terms using this app, only to have it abruptly interrupt the silence with the wretched blaring of one of those trashy, obnoxious, cheap, simple-minded gambling app advertisements. I understand this app having visual advertisements in order to generate profit. However, now that I’m aware that this app will vomit out the most appalling of sounds while in use, I will be deleting this app. A dictionary, paper or electronic, is used as a reference for accurately using English vocabulary. If it’s to be used in an environment or setting reflective of its intended use (i.e. a library) why on earth would it be programmed to suddenly regurgitate such obscene and abhorrent noises?

Love it!

I use it daily. Why the sudden change from being able to use it offline?


I understand the ads on the bottom that’s how you get paid unless you upgrade, but now I’m deleting this app cause you have ads taking up the whole page for so many seconds and that’s forcing me to watch ads that I don’t have time for or like.

Video ads???

The previous ads were enough but now we have video ads? Haha, no thank you. Byeeee. I’ll go back to google and typing: define “word” here.

Very convenient and easy to use!

I am currently writing a novel and I am struggling with my mind to think of better words for things like "bush" and "warm," and this app helps tremendously! It's easy to access and gives great synonyms and definitions. I just think the ads can get a bit annoying, but I can ignore them.

Can't update de new version

Can't update

Great App

This is an amazing app. I use this app for my vocabulary lessons and it helps me a lot.. Amazing app. I would recommend this app to everyone out there who are wishing to get some knowledgeable words 👍👍


Use it all the time ... Very informative.

Awesome tool!!

I highly recommend this app. This is a handy app that is convenient to use anywhere anytime. I especially love the thesaurus which allows me to search for alternative words when I’m writing letters or responding to an email. Great app!!! Try it, you won’t be sorry.

Great app!

Great app and easy to use. I like how easy it is to switch from dictionary to thesaurus when needed.

Dictionary app that's useful

What more can you ask for?

Does not help

It gives wrong meanings and wrong definitions.😡😠😡😠 I get angry at it this app .


It’s very nice to have such a good app like this

Terrific App

Lots of great features that you access through a great design. It’s easy to use. If you need help or just love words, this app is a homerun.


Useful app! I love having a word of the day.

Terrible app

Terrible app.

Give me back my offline dictionary

Older versions allowed you to download an offline dictionary free. Now you have to pay to unlock it. Why would i use a horrible app that spams me words of the day and has a crowded uncomfortable interface when im connected to the internet if i can just google the word if im online? Im disappointed to say the least.

Done with this app

I loved this app and it’s convenience right up until today’s (3 OCT 2017) Word of the Day: “Woke”, in reference to being “aware” of social injustice. I will be promptly deleting this app and enjoy the 1 Star.

Might as well call it Urban dictionary

Using slang or "urban" terms is just pathetic. I did not download this app to make my vocabulary more "socially diverse."

Great app!

Great app!

Too many adds

Too many adds. They seem to pop up every 30 seconds. The older version was much better as it did not have this.

Please fix!!

Was great but now has pop up ads that won't disappear!

Can't live without it

The best app ever.

Lasting significance

Have been using this app for years

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